Soluzioni Marketing is launching a new division: PLASTIDRA.

PLASTIDRA markets a range of disposable items for the medical and hospital sector, specifically polyethylene-coated tissue.

The strengths

For the distributor, choosing PLASTIDRA offers several advantages, in addition to the time and resources saving gained through pooled production flow management:

  • elimination of exchange rate risk: PLASTIDRA buys in USD and sells in EUR;
  • PLASTIDRA takes charge of logistic risks;
  • strong reactivity to demand (delivery of stock within 10 days);
  • quality tested and supervised throughout the manufacturing process and market launch;
  • “European” technical specifications guaranteed by partnership with the Eurofins laboratories in Aix-en-Provence and Shanghai.

And all thanks to a lightweight business structure, which has an extremely modest impact on product prices.

PE-coated sheets

The PLASTIDRA range of PE-coated sheets includes the main standard formats in use in European markets


PE-coated protective drapes for gurneys

PE-coated protective drapes for gurneys and other uses are available in several formats and colours, with or without reinforced threads.

PE-coated drapes in dispensers

PE-coated drapes are also available in dispensers. Private labels are equally possible.